Consignment is a great way to make some extra money on your new or worn shoes. We at Money Money give our customers an opportunity to list their items at our store for a small fee. We are currently offering a special consignment fee of 12%! The lowest in the greater Houston area. Consignment is an easy way to get your items in front of hundreds of new customers everyday. The consignment process is a simple process. If you are interested in consignment follow the link below and read our full consignment agreement.


Selling on Consignment is very easy.

Here are some simple requirements we ask for.

  • Item must be valued over $500 to qualify for the 12% Fee
  • Item must be new or very close to brand new
  • Items must fit the shop gene streetwear, sneakers, vintage. Brands like (Supreme, Vlone, Jordan, Adidas.)
  • Items need to be in the shop for a minimum of 30 days or a 10% percent fee may be applied.

*Money Money does have the final discretion on what items we take on consignment. We want to ensure the shop items abide to high standards and provide a great and positive experience for our customers.

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